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The Maroons in Ambush on the Dromilly Estate in the parish of Trelawney, Jamaica, Oil painting  F.J. Bourgoin 1796. From a private collection.

The scene shows a group of about 30 Maroons hiding among trees as a detachment of British soldiers approaches. It  illustrates an ambush that could be a depiction of the incident in July 1795, which ignited the Second Maroon War

John B.deMercado would like to develop this web-site as a clearing house for the deMercado family of Jamaica and their relatives and families. We have a family tree that reliably dates from around 1590 and is quite extensive up to the present date. It includes all of the known ancestors  of Charles E. deMercado, the founder of Lascelles, deMercado and Co., of Kingston Jamaica who lived from 1863 to 1909.

For Security purposes we have not included the particulars of any family members born after 1956 on this site.

A number of paintings of historical Jamaica are being added for 2008

The rare and unique Columbus Petition Document that is included on this website, is the petition of Don Pedro Colon a descendent of Christopher Columbus  asking for compensation for his loss of Jamaica which Spain ceded to England under the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. 

Also included, As a source for genealogical research and for "eye-witness" information on the 1907 Earthquake is Volumes 1 through  6 of the Monthly Comments   of Ansell Hart.

The Columbus Petition Document of 1672 for The Island of Jamaica is now available on this site through the generosity of Mrs Valerie Facey of the Mill Press. 



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